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For a truly unique meeting experience, how about meeting in Grenada’s current seat of government!
It’s possible. Since Hurricane Ivan destroyed the island’s House of Parliament, island lawmakers have conducted their affairs in the Trade Centre, and in fact, occupy about 80 percent of the facility’s time.
Because the Trade Centre enjoys this constant use, manager Martin Bedeau points out that the facility is both well-maintained and constantly improved. “Keeping the property up to date is a priority for us,” he says.
When not in use for official purposes, the Trade Centre has hosted the Caribbean Gift and Craft show... along with 15 other trade shows, says Bedeau. Seven international conferences have also be held.
Physically, the Trade Centre is housed in two buildings. The larger of the two can house 350 to 875 meeting attendees, while the smaller Annex is right-sized for 100 to 300. Trade shows, however, can admit up to 1200 visitors.
The Trade Centre has full catering facilities and can provide “all sorts of cuisines,” Bedeau explains. “You think of it and we can do it.” He adds that all his chef’s dishes include “the Grenada touch.” “You not only feel our golden hospitality,” he tells potential conference clients, “you taste it too. If you don’t experience an event at the Trade Centre, you will never know what Grenada is truly like.