Security at an event is comprised of individuals who are responsible for overseeing the safety and well-being of guests who attend the event. Security likewise monitors the stream of support personnel responsible for setting up to ply their respective services, providing safe access to guests attending the event, and steering away disruptive or unwelcome troublemakers.
GTC security personnel further help deter the opportunities found among crowds for pickpockets, scam artists, and thieves. Monitoring the event floor, or stationed at points of ingress and egress to verify guest registries, our security force also observes the incoming and outgoing of equipment, breaks up arguments, and calls in emergency personnel if the need ever presents itself.
Our security coverage extends into our well-lit parking areas during evening hours, when guests are returning to their vehicles to drive home after leaving an event.
In addition to our standard 24-hour service, we can assist in securing additional security options tailored to your event requirements.

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