Our professional host team will be on hand to welcome your guests, assist them with any enquiries, and guide them around the venue. Service available by request only.
The team is also available to provide need help in setting up additional tables, arranging chairs for seating, and on occasion, assisting event decorators.
The roles of our staff are reliant upon the event itself, and the variety of services needed to provide a pleasant experience for event guests. While event sponsors may envision a successful event, rarely do they comprehend the number of bodies required to handle all the details.
Defining all facets of the event, from the arrival of guests to the after-party cleanup, will help to assuage those problems caused by the lack of adequate personnel.

The Grenada Trade Centre
Morne Rouge, Grand Anse,
St. George's, Grenada
Tel: (473) 444 5229
Email: trade.gda@gmail.com
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